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Personal attention and Guidance

Top University in Canada

Canada's most beautiful & inspiring Campus

Maclean's Magazine has ranked St. Francis Xavier as the top "Primarily Undergraduate" university in Canada for five consecutive years.


Tucked away in the small town of Antigonish, N.S., St. Francis Xavier caters mainly to undergraduates in arts, science, business and education. The university has high academic standards but also promotes the personal development of its students. Small class sizes challenge students to think critically and contribute to class discussions. The relationships students build with their professors, staff and one another provide tremendous support as they progress. 

Please contact Carlos Villaseñor for more information.

The campus is known for its Ivy League-style architecture, limestone residences and pedestrian-friendly layout. The Brian Mulroney Institute of Government opens this year, featuring an undergraduate program in public policy; the new Mulroney Hall houses teaching, research and study spaces, and an auditorium. A well-known tradition at StFX is handing out X-rings (a rectangular gold ring with a large black X in the middle) to graduating students. Many develop a sense of pride and belonging—also known as the X factor.

Please contact Carlos Villaseñor for more information.

“The amount of personal attention and guidance every student receives is the difference between simply getting a degree and preparing for life,” says president Kent MacDonald. “Our students live in a 24-7 academic community, and their success is bolstered by our dedicated professors and committed staff.”

Please contact Carlos Villaseñor for more information.