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Take the Lead


Take advantage of the cheapest Student Residence in Canada

Energy Petroleum Technology

In the border between 2 great provinces: Alberta & Saskatchewan


Learn about the advantages of being among 2 important Provinces of Canada, with a solid economy, growing, excellent standard of living, low cost and great opportunities for migration and work.

Please contact Carlos Villaseñor for more information.

Do you know that Lakeland College, even his high quality programes has an incredible price living in campus check it out, you can't believe it.

You're just a quick walk away from the main campus when you live on campus. And the Bud Miller Park is right on your doorstep.

Spinwheel (furnished) just for $155/week


Please contact Carlos Villaseñor for more information.

Our Energy Centre mimics what you will find as you work as a power engineer. 

It's a tremendous advantage when you are ready to take your first career steps. You will have already experienced shift work. More than that, in our safe lab environment you'll have been part of a shift team. You'll even have turns as shift lead. All under the mentorship of our experienced faculty.

Lakeland's Energy Centre is one of the best equipped and modern steam labs in Canada. Commissioned in 2015, it includes different high pressure boilers including water and fire tube. 


Please contact Carlos Villaseñor for more information.


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